Lagu Yang Membuktikan Rico Nasty Rapper Papan Atas

Lagu Yang Membuktikan Rico Nasty Rapper Papan Atas – Sebelum dia memerintah “Sugar Trap,” rapper Rico Nasty (lahir Maria-Cecilia Simone Kelly) melambung ke status jebakan, melepaskan mixtapes yang menangkap telinga pengikutnya yang sekarang sekte. Mungkin “Poppin” -nya yang dipengaruhi Atari hanya cukup untuk mendapatkan perhatian dari dua penonton HBO’s Insecure musim, karena pendengar yang tertarik pada Rico belum meninggalkan sisinya. Sejak Nasty’s mixtape dimulai, penyanyi rap Puetro-Rican yang berbasis DMV ini telah menjadi putri para penunggang kuda, ketika para penggemar berkelana ke pertunjukkan tidak hanya untuk mendengarkan musiknya, tetapi juga memohon padanya untuk meludahi mulut mereka. Baru-baru ini dianggap sebagai anggota dari Kelas 2019 Mahasiswa Baru XXL, Berikut dibawah ini langsung saja kita bahas mengenai lagu yang membuktikan rico nasty rapper papan atas :

1. “Trust Issues”
Nasty stole the show at last year’s Camp Flog Gnaw as she stormed Earl Sweatshirt’s set, performing electric guitar standout “Trust Issues” from her debut album Nasty. With frequent collaborator Kenny Beats in tote –mentioning his presence with the infectious “KENNNYYY” tag – Nasty boasts about her limitless amount of racks, stacking them up as she searches for her next round of California bud.

2. “Big T*tties”
Assisted by electronic producer Bauer and Dreamville duo, Earth Gang, bells chime on the energetic track from Nasty’s latest EP Anger Management. A redirection from her belligerent approach, Nasty boasts about her prowess with female fans, signing their lady parts and rousing them to stray from men that have them “looking crazy like a circus.”

3. “Rage”
Rico Nasty likes bad b*tches who rage. Riding the screamo horse, Nasty’s trademark rasp wails across the speaking-knocking track, promising to let the “choppa pin your tail” if someone steps out of line. Letting a war cry bleed against the background of the chorus, much like her distorted, hair-swinging music video for “Rage,” Nasty is unapologetically frenzied.

4. “In the Air”
Continuing the electric guitar trend, Nasty chucks her middle fingers up, letting her bank account speak for itself on “In the Air.” Linking with “Shoot” rapper BlocBoy JB, Nasty keeps the extension on her, daring someone to snatch her funds.

5. “Cold”
On the Anger Management opener, Nasty’s lines are paced with rapidness that could almost mimic possession. Her album artwork for the EP could back up that notion, as the face-splitting design is an ode to 1991 psychology book, The New Primal Scream. Instead of clutching her rosary, Nasty spits with chaotic aggression, proving that she can’t be tamed.

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6. “Roof”
Descending beyond Earth, Nasty touches a new horizon on “Roof,” hopping out of her spaceship to toss boys her hotline number instead of phoning home. Though it was her first single of the year, the track wasn’t featured on Anger Management, being released on it’s own instead. The surprise video for “Roof” features Nasty in a Bettie Page inspired ‘do, and mind-bending Natural Born Killers visuals that even Oliver Stone would love.

7. “Smack a B*tch”
On the cautionary tale, Nasty enters a mental rage room, unleashing her frustration in outward thoughts instead of smacking a b*tch. Not one for outside opinions, she avoids catching a case by venting about those who complain about her driving a paid off Audi, and constant rap-rock screaming.

8. “Ice Cream”
A far cry from the innocence of ice cream truck jingles, Kenny Beats warps the kiddie sample as Nasty provocatively raps about having “strawberry yum-yum.” Likening herself to flavorful game Candy Crush, Nasty won’t hesitate to turn down your boyfriend, even if he is addicted to the Sugar Trap.

9. “Countin’ Up
Heavily sampling 1998 Neptunes-produced N.O.R.E. hit “Superthug,” Nasty peels the top off her whip while shaming Instagram models for using their follower amount for self-gratification. Switching lanes, a pigtailed Nasty shines in the “Countin’ Up” music video, flanked in a fur coat while roaming the streets.

10. “Hatin
Brushing the dirt off her shoulders, Nasty samples Jay-Z’s Black Album track of the same name, as she bosses up on men. Spitting affirmations, Nasty encourages women to chase their own bag, paying no regard to their envious male counterparts.

11. “Time Flies”
Running a victory lap following her XXL Freshman Freestyle, it’s Rico Nasty versus the world on surprise single “Time Flies.” Pledging not to become a carbon copy of any other rapper, Nasty keeps it melodic, straying from those who actively seek to get on her bad side. This time, Rico Nasty elevates beyond naysayers, getting ready for lift off.