Rico Nasty More Talk Whether They Write Or Freestyle

Rico Nasty More Talk Whether They Write Or Freestyle – Beberapa artikel yang akan kami berikan adalah artikel yang kami rangkum dari sumber terpercaya, berikut ini merupakan artikel yang membahas mengenai Rico Nasty More Talk Whether They Write Or Freestyle

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Rico Nasty More Talk Whether They Write Or Freestyle

 The rising stars choose which they like more.

Some say that in hip hop culture, the art of freestyling is on the decline as years progress. There are plenty of artists from younger generations who are killing the game when it comes to spitting a few bars off the top of the dome, so XXL caught up with a few rising artists to check in with them on whether they prefer to write out their rhymes or freestyle.
“I don’t do no freestylin’.” Blueface said. “Zero. Everything is written, preparated before it’s done. It could be one word or I could take your bar form an iconic bar to a regular bar. Yeah, I gotta put full train of thought into that bar, and that’s why my bars are iconic. Stop playin’.”
Polo G adds, “My recording process is every time I get in the studio, I gotta write my lyrics all the way out and just read it off of my phone or something. Or, I’ll just come to the studio prepared already. I’ll listen to the beat at home, [write] something to it and then come to the studio.” He added, “I never like to freestyle ’cause I don’t like the way that you can tell that somebody freestyle ’cause they jump from topic to topic.”
Rico Nasty, on the other hand, was excited to talk about freestyling. “If I freestyle the first four lines, I can get a concept outta that,” she said. “If I write the whole thing it might take a little bit longer, but I normally write my stuff. I normally hear the beat, get on my phone, and start writing.” She added that she doesn’t freestyle “that much unless I’m like, high as hell.”
Boogie said in ninth grade his glasses broke so he didn’t do much writing, and he hasn’t written since. Lil Keed said he doesn’t have to write because “it comes from my heart,” and YBN Almighty Jay shared that he enjoys both arts of freestyling and writing. Watch the clip below and hear from Flipp Dinero, Comethazine, OMB Petty, and JayDaYoungan, as well.

Rico Nasty Shows His True Self

Rico Nasty Shows His True Self

Rico Nasty Shows His True Self – Next, we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all groups, along with Rico Nasty who shows his identity.

Rico Nasty is not the typical female rapper. The 23-year-old artist, born Maria Kelly, doesn’t follow rules; she breaks them. With her rocker flare, brash attitude and explosive music, Rico moves to her own beat. On this early November evening in New York City, the Largo, Md. native has just wrapped a day of promo for her debut album, Nightmare Vacation, and now unwinds on a luxurious bed in her 6 Columbus Central Park hotel room. Her look is subtle: two pigtails, minimal makeup and a gray, lacey outfit, but Rico always exudes a rock star. That’s her aesthetic and she carries it to her core. It’s what makes the rhyme-slinger look and feel original and authentic and has helped her recently snag collabo deals with makeup brands Il Makiage and Rihanna’s Fenty.
While busy locking down business partnerships, the Atlantic Records star has also spent 2020 playing the role of teacher to her 5-year-old son during the coronavirus pandemic and in the studio cooking up some new music. Over the past few months, Rico dropped videos for “OHFR?,” “Own It” and “iPhone,” all songs featured on the recently released Nightmare Vacation.
The effort, which includes collaborations with Gucci Mane, Don Toliver, Trippie Redd and more, is a testament to Rico’s evolution. She’s released seven mixtapes to date so an album was long overdue.
Rico Nasty: Nightmare Vacation means to me, just overcoming moments of your life where it just seemed like you couldn’t get over. I found out throughout this album, I did a lot of growing. I did a lot of, like, not soul-searching, because that just sounds like a bunch of bullshit, but really getting to know myself better. I went through a lot of stuff where I felt like, back to square one, almost.
That’s why I called it Nightmare Vacation because in going through all this shit, I just felt like I had become a person that I never thought I could be. I’ve heard so many people like, “I don’t like this music” and “I don’t like her music.” This album is just a product of getting back up. This [is the] product [of] so many people telling you [what you] should be doing, and this project is just what I am.

Who is Rico Nasty right now?

There’s no more personas. There’s no more alter egos. I just am who I am. There is no hard Rico. There is no soft Rico. I feel like [I] just kind of broke those barriers. I’ve finally found my niche tone. I guess, from a melodic sense that I really, really like and it blends well with other artists. I don’t know, I feel like I’ve given my fans too many groups. This is this Rico and that Rico and everything is just, at the end of the day, it’s just me. There is no other personality and all this shit that I would have tried to hide behind a couple years ago.

You wanted this album to be like Kanye’s Yeezus. Why that comparison?

I just mean the way it was, because I didn’t like Yeezus at first. It was something that had to grow on me. It was a project that when I listened to it, I made time to listen to it. I had made time for that shit, when I knew Yeezus was dropping, I remember Kanye dropped. I was like, OK, when this comes out, I’m going to clean my room to it and I’m going to just listen to it. I’m not going to let nobody’s opinion [affect mine]. I’m going to appreciate this art.
And that’s what I did. I appreciated it. Like, every song, I sat down and I was like, play that back. What did he say? I feel like a lot of times when my fans listen to my music, it’s a party time. It’s girl time. It’s like, we’re about to go beat a bitch ass. It’s group activities, bro. And with this project, I want them to make time for me, go in your fucking room.